Take a look at Jangling Jack’s


Jangling Jack’s

175 Victoria Street, Potts Point

Jangling Jack’s is the most recent addition to the Potts Point bar scene in Sydney, one that has seen many venues struggle to cope in wake of lockout laws and other restrictions imposed upon the area in the last couple of years.

But Jangling Jack’s gives you reason to hope that despite all that, a new era of great drinking may not be that far away.

Opened by owners Jon Ruttan and Orlan Erin Raleigh with assistant from bar consultant Nikita Ward and bartender Adam Cork (ex-The Hazy Rose), the bar is an everyman, neighbourhood style of bar in which the drinks are top flight (Cork certainly knows his way around a Daiquiri and a Trinidad Sour) and the food delivers a good bang of flavour. If this is the kind of bar that opens despite the lockouts, Sydney is doing just fine, thank you very much.



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