QLD lockout laws pass; Sydney rallies

rally-heroOver 15,000 people marched against the lockout laws in Sydney yesterday

The massive #keepsydneyopen rally in Hyde Park, Sydney over the weekend attracted 15,000 plus punters keen to show their opposition to what they proclaim are archaic lockout laws that have threatened the city’s nightlife as well as jobs and livelihoods. While social media went crazy about Mike Baird and the casino exemptions to the lockout, Queensland’s parliament last week ushered in a whole new series of lockout laws that will roll out over the next couple of years.


According to ABC News, the measures will impose last drinks from 2am, in most precincts, and 3am in late-night precincts. From February 1 next year, there will be a statewide 1am lockout. The lockout laws, like Sydney, have come hot on the heels of a one punch attack. “The Government has increased its calls for stricter lockout rules since the one-punch death of 18-year-old Cole Miller in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley earlier this year. Two men have been charged with his murder,” the ABC reports.

The Brisbane Times reported that the debate, and the legislation which was passed in a late night sitting on February 18, belonged to Stafford MP Anthony Lynham, who joined the Labor Party on the back of its commitment to support lockout laws while in opposition.”This bill is more important, more powerful than any operation that I could ever do,” he said. “It is powerful because it prevents harm. By my being here, if I have stopped 25 of our kids getting to the operating table it is far better than me operating on 100 of our kids. This bill stops injury and death.”


Opponents of the measure, much like those in Sydney, claim that this is misleading and the result will be job losses and dramatic impacts of live music and maybe even the cessation of Schoolies Week.

Read the full Brisbane Times story here and read the full ABC News story here.

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