Fever Tree bolsters Australian offering with Cola and Naturally Light Tonic


The world’s number one selling and trending mixer brand, Fever-Tree, has officially launched its Cola and Naturally Light Tonic variants into the Australian market, following the products’ success overseas.

Fever-Tree Cola launched into the Australian market in February 2016 via an on-premise engagement campaign that sees Cola stocked exclusively at select venues such as The Gresham (QLD), The Baxter Inn (NSW), The Hayberry (NSW), Gin Palace (VIC) and 1806 (VIC), giving customers the first chance to try it in their mixed drink of choice.

Naturally Light Tonic enters the marketplace in late April early May 2016 in independent bottle shops, followed by Dan Murphy’s in August. This new SKU joins Indian and Mediterranean tonics in Australia and is the world’s first all-natural, lower calorie tonic water, with 58% fewer calories.

Acting Fever-Tree Brand Director Andy Gaunt believes there is great opportunity for these products in the Australian market, citing the current premiumisation trend as an indicator.


“Whisky and Cola is the number one mixed drink in Australia, however while the whisky is premiumising, the choice of Cola mixer is not. The choice is extremely limited, with just one major player in the market.

“We’re also seeing a clear shift in the way health conscious consumers are drinking, and Naturally Light Tonic provides that option.

“At Fever-Tree we are committed to creating the best drink possible for our customers – our mixers are specifically designed to be mixed with high quality spirits, and the Cola and Naturally Light Tonic is no exception.”

Fever-Tree Cola is created using a blend of 11 hand selected ingredients from nine different geographical locations across the globe, including Argentine lemons, Mexican creole lime, Indonesian ‘korintje’ cassia cinnamon, fresh green ginger from the Ivory Coast and Madagascan vanilla. The combination of flavours achieves perfect balance, absent of stabilizers, artificial sweeteners and preservatives.

Naturally Light Tonic is blended with three main ingredients: quinine (the key ingredient that provides essential bitterness in tonic water), natural sugar, soft spring water from Staffordshire and bitter orange sourced Zygoma, a small town in Tanzania.

Cola and Naturally Light Tonic adds to the current range of Fever-Tree mixers available in Australia in 200ml bottles: Indian Tonic Water, Mediterranean Tonic Water, Ginger Beer, Ginger Ale, Soda Water and Lemonade.

Fever-Tree Cola and Naturally Light Tonic are available in four packs for RRP:$7.99 For more information about Fever-Tree, please visit www.fever-tree.com.

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  1. Hi,
    I love your cola! But I am very disappointed when I go back for more and it is no more! All the other flavours except Cola. Don’t let Coca Cola push you out. Teach them about competition. Very sus! Please explain why that flavour is difficult to buy?
    Melain Judd

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