Here’s three bars on Instagram worth following

We waste as much time on Instagram as any other layabout daywalker, so in the spirit of avoiding any real work, here’s three bars on Instagram that we reckon are kicking goals: there’s one for the laughs (we’re looking at you, Ramblin’ Rascal Tavern); one for their archive of drink lists (that would be the ever-changing lists of the ever-wonderful Bulletin Place); and one for some good old fashioned booze porn (by way of NYC bar Genuine Liquorette).

Ramblin’ Rascal Tavern on Instagram

Here, for sheer viewing pleasure, is the Instagram account of Sydney bar Ramblin’ Rascal Tavern. Cue all sorts of strange, thanks, we hear, to the mixed media skills of their bartender, Christo Herriot.


And then, there’s this (there’s many others with too much nudity for us to share, sadly).

Just a fingertip #rascal #ramblinrascal #ramblinrascaltavern #mick #whitegravy #festivalmode #fabulous #IDFWU #ladieslineup

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Bulletin Place

Somewhat less defamatory than the account of Ramblin’ Rascal, the Bulletin Place Instagram is great because it’s the one place you can catalogue what they’re doing behind the bar (and maybe crib some ideas if you’re short one for your next list). They change their list just about every day — you try keeping up with that kind of creative schedule. We thought that their list in tribute to the late Dick Bradsell was an elegant hat-tip to the influential bartender.

Genuine Liquorette

This New York bar has received a lot of Instagram love, thanks to these ChaChunker drinks and a whole lot of Malibu. Check out a previous story on their drinks here — just don’t dismiss the drinks out of hand, as they’re the work of Eben Freeman, a guy who made his name in NYC bartending back in the molecular days.

"The Mexican Bulldog Lets the Mixing Take Place as You Sip" – @nytimes #liquorette #chachunk #cocktails

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