NY’s Employees Only to set up shop in Singapore

Employees Only's Steve Schneider
Employees Only’s Steve Schneider

Employees Only, the New York bar that opened in 2004 and a touchstone bar of the cocktail renaissance, is headed to Singapore.

Singapore’s City Nomads website has got word of the move, writing that “Employees Only Singapore will be opened and run by the holy trinity – co-founder Igor Hadzismajlovic, Principle Bartender Steve Schneider, and Executive Chef Julia Jaksic”.

This will be the first outpost of Employees Only anywhere in the world (though the bar’s owners have worked on other projects), and will give Australian bartenders are shorter ‘commute’ to sample the legendary hospitality of the New York institution.

Here’s hoping they bring with them their last call chicken soup.

You can follow their updates on Facebook, here.


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