More small bar goodness for Sydney: Burrow Bar

002 - Tread with care

You know, despite the lockout laws in Sydney doing what they can to make things difficult for bar operators, there’s still a number of bars opening and a number of operators willing to chance their hand in the bar game.

This is good news.

005 - at the speed of blur

Burrow Bar is one of the more recent bars to open, and they’ve set up in the Sydney CBD near Wynyard on De Mestre Place. Located in the basement, they’re offering up boutique spirits and cocktails in a lighthearted atmosphere — you may even get a hug if you so desire.


Their cocktail ingredients are are picked seasonally, as their cocktail list is ever evolving, and they’re also making most of their own mixers in house. For food, you’d be wise to give their Reuben a go — they reckon it’s pretty damn good.

004 - the crowd gathers

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