Luke Hanzlicek spells out the changes to the Jim Beam range


Luke Hanzlicek spells out the changes to the Jim Beam range

What prompted this packaging redesign? What’s the rationale? Why now?
Bourbon is booming in markets across the world and Jim Beam has seen phenomenal growth over the past several years. We wanted to unify the global range to solidify Jim Beam’s position as a global icon and the world’s Number 1 bourbon, and to offer packaging that better reflects the premium liquid inside the bottle. With this first-ever global repackaging of its kind for Jim Beam, we are also contemporising the brand, while still celebrating its heritage and highlighting the quality and craftsmanship that goes into every bottle. The liquid isn’t changing, but the upgraded packaging will ensure that Jim Beam maintains its status as the world’s leading bourbon for decades to come.

Is the liquid changing at all?
No, the liquid inside the bottles is not changing whatsoever. This is a packaging upgrade only.

When will the new packaging be available?
The new packaging will roll-out across Australia from July 2016. Jim Beam White will be the first available with Jim Beam Black and the rest of the premium portfolio following shortly after.

Are there any new additions to the range as part of the redesign?
There will be some new additions to the range as well as some discontinuations. Two key launches will be that of Jim Beam® Double Oak and Jim Beam® Apple.


Tell us a bit more about the new addition ‘Double Oak’? When can we expect to see it on the shelves?
From the world’s number one bourbon comes a premium take on classic Kentucky Bourbon. Utilising a double barrelling technique, the liquid is aged in one barrel then transferred into another barrel for a second maturation providing greater contact with the flavour-giving charred American White Oak. This results in richer, woodier flavours that are more refined than other whiskies.

You can expect to see this new addition to the range as early as August 2016. It will be a worthy addition to the bar as it is a very unique style of American Whiskey. The increased contact with the heavily charred American White Oak provides deep characteristics of vanilla, caramel and toffee backed by toasted oak. It provides a different level of depth to cocktails and is smooth enough to enjoy neat or on a block of ice.

What’s the best way to drink Double Oak?
The best way to drink Double Oak is either over ice or as the base of a Double Oak Fashioned. See the recipe below if you’re interested in trying to make it in your venue.

60ml Jim Beam Double Oak
10 ml sugar syrup
3 drops of bitters of your choice
Twist Orange Peel as garnish
1. Add sugar, bitters and Jim Beam Double Oak to rocks glass
2. Fill glass with ice and stir
3. Test dilution while stirring by tasting cocktail
4. Once perfect dilution is achieved, top with fresh ice cubes
5. Garnish with orange zest.

Jim Beam® Apple, that’s an interesting flavour – why Apple? What’s the best way to drink this?
In recent years the rise of whiskey and fresh apple juice in Australia has taken off thanks to some of our amazing whiskey bars around the country. Suddenly, people who would normally steer away from whiskey had their eyes opened to whiskey as a category. All it took was a taste. This combination is not only being enjoyed in Australia but all around the world.

Jim Beam Apple plans to leverage the crisp, refreshing cues of the fruit to tap into the refreshment occasion through its signature serve Jim Beam Apple Highball. Surprisingly smooth and deliciously different. Juicy but not overpowering, it retains a rich bourbon core. The Jim Beam Apple Highball is simple and easy to make. Simply pour 30ml of Jim Beam® Apple into a tall glass, fill the glass with ice, top with soda and add a few apple slices as a garnish.

Jim Beam Apple® is the bourbon for people who don’t yet drink bourbon but are looking for an easy introduction to the category or for those whiskey drinkers looking for a light, refreshing option on a warm day or evening.

Is there anything exciting coming up in the future for Jim Beam?
The future of Jim Beam is bright, as market leader the brand will drive premiumisation of the bourbon category as well as provide new and inspirational ways for consumers to drink bourbon. With a rich family heritage including seven generations of master distillers since 1795, at Jim Beam we like to stay true to our roots while also welcoming more people to the family. Whether that is through different products released or actually meeting 7th generation master distiller Fred Noe when he tours the country.

Jim Beam Double Oak

Colour: Golden Amber
Nose: Rich notes of caramel and vanilla with hints of toasted wood
Taste: Intense caramel and toffee flavours with a distinctive spiced darkness
Finish: Long, warm and perfectly balanced.

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