Matt Linklater to lead the bar at new Sydney restaurant, Bouche


Matt Linklater is a former Rookie of the Year nominee and was on hand from day one at the award-winning Bulletin Place. He’s now made the move to head up the bar at new Sydney restaurant, Bouche.

The bar — known as The Cellar at Bouche — will open along with the restaurant this September and offer guests a place to drink before a meal, while also standing on its own as a bar.

“The Cellar at Bouche is somewhere you can visit for an hour or spend your entire evening,” Linklater told us. “It’s laid back, the service is approachable but still attentive. The transition from after work drinks to post dinner digestion will be seamless.

Located at 6 Bridge St Sydney, Linklater describes the bar as “a sultry oasis in the heart of the financial district.”


The Cellar at Bouche is a 60-seater environment in which Linklater said he’ll pursuing his passion for drinks that are crafted in a sustainable fashion.

“The bar will feature a weekly-rotating menu of bites, oysters, cured meats and cheeses all accompanied by a dynamic aperitif drinks menu as well as seasonally focused cocktails,” he said. “Sustainable libation and minimising waste was a big thing for me and similar to the restaurant menu I’ve taken advantage of off cuts, such as utilising 100% of our pineapples, creating punch from the buttermilk by-product from the kitchens homemade butter, even using the water used to boil potatoes to make our own maple syrup.”

To give you an idea of where the cocktails are headed, Linklater offered his favourite: “The Crust Buster would be my pick so far, Tariquet Armagnac shaken with a lick of Strega and some fennel offshoots from the kitchen, served with a liquorice rim. I’ve never been one to stray far from the classics, and this digestive twist on a brandy cruster is straight up delicious.” he said.

The Cellar at Bouche is opening in September at 6 Bridge St Sydney.

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