Brooklyn Standard team to open new Brisbane venue Chingon

The ownership trio of Chingon: Emmanuel Sakellarakis, Justinn De Beer, and Adam Barton.
The ownership trio of Chingon: Emmanuel Sakellarakis, Justinn De Beer, and Adam Barton.

In around three weeks time, the team behind Brooklyn Standard will open new Brisbane venue Chingon.

Chingon will be opening next door to Brooklyn Standard in Eagle Lane in the Brisbane CBD, and it’s a Mexican-driven concept they’ve brought to town from Melbourne, said general manager and co-owner Justinn De Beer.

“The original one is in Melbourne, Will Balleau and the boys own that, Le Bon Ton and Longhorn Saloon. We were out in Los Angeles with them, and we had the space, and we just came up with the idea to bring Chingon up here,” he said. “It’s not a franchise, he’s just given us the rights, and we’re going to do a few more up here in Queensland if goes well.”

The Brisbane instalment of Chingon will also offer a food option for Brooklyn Standard, the 2015 Live Music Bar of the Year.

In terms of the food and drink offering, it’s tacos and Margaritas all the way.


“Everything is Chingon — everything will be identical to the one in Melbourne,” De Beer said. “We’ve got eight tacos, two sides, three different Margaritas that I’m going to change on a weekly basis, Blood Orange, Popcorn Margaritas — just fun stuff.”

The difference between this outpost and Melbourne though will be the focus on the bar. “Chingon in Melbourne is more of a restaurant, and we’ll be more of a bar,” he said.

They’ll have a select range of quality tequilas, and the only offering that won’t be Mexican is the wine.

There’s also word that following on from Chingon, Brisbane drinkers can expect another bar celebrating all things Cuban from the team.

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  1. Loved the place and the music and the mix of clientele – all getting into it with seemingly joyous abandon ( including ourselved). Greaaat place to let our hair down after a week of hard work.
    One small issue, most of us drinking Cuba Libres ( bacardi and coke with a squeeze of lime), bartenders on 3 occasions did not give lime and when asked did not want to add slices to our drinks. We are all Happy to pay nightclub prices but that was not cool and shouldn’t be an issue.

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