Simon Difford is coming to Bar Week with Disaronno


Sydney Bar Week (September 17—20) is shaping up to be a huge four days (a week would be too much) with a jam-packed timetable announced. And one of the highlights on the schedule will happen on Monday September 19 at the Disaronno presents: Simon Difford event.

Simon Difford is the well-regarded drinks writer behind and founded the seminal CLASS magazine, and during Sydney Bar Week Difford is coming to town thanks to Disaronno.

Difford will present an exclusive session highlighting what makes great bars great — and having drunk throughout the world for decades, we reckon he knows a thing or two about that. And thanks to his involvement in the Disaronno Mixing Star program this year, you’ll also get a look at the most promising drinks from the Australian leg of the competition.

So pop the date down in your diary and email Disaronno brand ambassador, Matteo Fabbris, at


It’s just one of the many great events on the Sydney Bar Week timetable — click here to check out the timetable, book your tickets and RSVP to the events you don’t want to miss.

Disaronno presents: Simon Difford

When: 6pm – 8pm, September 19, 2016
Where:The Champagne Room @ The Winery, Crown Street, Surry Hills

Simon Difford, author of the Difford’s Guide, is the world’s most famous bar critic. Join him and the Disaronno team in discovering what makes “great bars great”, what the “next style of mixing is going to be” and meet the most promising drink offering from the winners of the Mixing Star program 2016.


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