Tim Philips talks bottled cocktails, and the Bottled Cocktail Invitational

Photo: Daniel Boud
Photo: Daniel Boud
Tim Philips knows a thing or two about cocktails: he co-owns Dead Ringer, which is nominated for Cocktail Bar of the Year this year, and Bulletin Place, the reigning champion of the award for the last three years (oh, and he’s been named Bartender of the Year in Australia and globally, too).

And during Sydney Bar Week next month (17-20 September – take a look at the timetable here) the team at Dead Ringer is hosting the Inaugural Bottled Cocktail Invitational, when seven of the finalists for Cocktail Bar of the Year at the Bartender Magazine Australian Bar Awards will bring the best of their cocktails to town for all to taste in the one place.

Under the one roof at Dead Ringer you’ll taste the skills of Brisbane bars Maker and The Bowery; Perth’s The Dominion League; Melbourne bars Eau De Vie Melbourne and The Everleigh; Adelaide bar Maybe Mae and Sydney bar The Lobo Plantation. We asked Philips what the go is with bottled cocktails and what to expect below.

Could you tell us the idea behind the event?
One of the best things about Sydney Bar Week is that bartenders from all around the country get the chance to check out the best venues Sydney has to offer. All around the country there are bars and bartenders that would kill for that opportunity to host so many friends in the industry. This event was inspired by the idea that what if we could bring a small part of those bars to Sydney, so locals and visitors alike can try something from them? This event has been put on to showcase the best cocktail bars in the country, and give them a chance to let their friends around the country try a drink from their bar.

What’s so good about bottled cocktails?
Bottled cocktails travel well, are easy and fast to serve, as well that are generally more consistent. In this event it gives the cocktails bars the ease of mind that their drink will be served the way they want it to be served.


What do you think about the quality of the bars in this event?
The very best in the country. We are honoured and humbled to have so many professionals that are leading this proud nation’s cocktail culture. There’s going to be some ‘serious-delicious’ on offer.

Inaugural Bottled Cocktail Invitational

When: 12pm – 3pm, September 19, 2016
Where: Dead Ringer, Bourke Street, Surry Hills
The IBCI will be held to celebrate the nominees for Australian Cocktail Bar of the Year. Each nominee (besides Dead Ringer and Bulletin Place) will have the opportunity to submit their pitch for the best bottled cocktail in the country.
Entry on the day: $20 – includes voting tokens and a beer.
RSVP: to tim@deadringer.wtf or 0430 820 220 by 26th August if you want to be a part of the event.

This is just one of the great events in store during Sydney Bar Week (17-20 September) — take look at the full schedule here and get your RSVPs and tickets now.

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