Antonio Lai is co-hosting the next Blends of the World masterclass


Hong Kong a city of dreams. But it’s a city that never sleeps.

Hong Kong is regularly referred to as a ‘unique meeting place for East and West’, blending Chinese heritage, British ‘western’ colonial influences, high-tech modernity and Cantonese gusto. Hong Kong has among the highest population density in the world. Hong Kong has become a world-class financial, trading and business centre. Skyscrapers galore, gigantic shopping malls and traditional markets, old and new sitting side by side. In among the hustle and bustle are award-winning restaurants and bars, and both tourists and locals are spoilt for choice when it comes to drinking and dining.

Here you will find Antonio Lai, a multi-awarded international mixologist who pioneered the comprehensive Multisensory Mixology (MM) concept in Hong Kong – a drinking experience that engages all five senses.

Antonio Lai, Consultant & Mixologist, The One Bar Solution Company Limited
Co-Owner of VEA Restaurant & Lounge ( a two-storey concept offers modern French cuisine with cocktail pairing on the upper and a causal bar on the lower, Quinary ( the first multisensory cocktail bars, Ori-gin ( the first gin focused bar and The Envoy Bar & Restaurant at The Pottinger Hong Kong (


Antonio hosts numerous awards that are globally recognised both personally and venue related. No stranger to cocktail competitions, Antonio is heading down under in October to co-host and share our next module The Blends of Asia, to share his knowledge and experience on just how to win cocktail competitions. From development of a flavour concept, cocktail enhancements through to the garnish and how to impress judges with a winning presentation.

Antonio will travel the nation with our winners of the Perfect Blend 2016 and our ambassadors to bring you our final module for 2016: The Blends of Asia.

Antonio’s experience is one of longevity, having worked in renowned bars, clubs, restaurants and cafes in the past 18 years, and he has gained invaluable work experiences domestically and internationally.

Antonio joined the CAP at Tales of The Cocktail 2015 in New Orleans, Sole Graells Chef Master class in Barcelona, Stage Program at 69 Colebrook Row and Bombay Sapphire Blue Room Master class in London.

Beginning his career from Planet Hollywood and then joining drop bar, Antonio’s interest then diverted to the field of coffee and became the trainer for Jackie Chan’s Café, opening a handful of cafes in the South Pacific Regions.

Apart from the experience that he gained from the Café co-partner Home Town Coffee in Pennsylvania, he had the opportunity to train in Italy where he found his true passion and destiny – Multisensory Mixology (MM). Antonio shares his passion to the wider industry through the creation of two awarded cocktail publications.

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