Have a look at the art deco glamour of The Oaks


Upstairs at The Oaks
118 Military Road, Neutral Bay

The Oaks in Neutral Bay is a Sydney institution with a history that dates all the way back to 1885. And it’s the kind of venue in which not much seems to change down the decades. Well, that’s one thing that has changed.

They’ve recently redesigned the upstairs section of the hotel: think of the striking, block colours of the art deco era and you’re on your way. Designed by Sibella Court and The Society Inc, the interiors feature art nouveau flourishes, a large, a hand-painted mural looks down over a pool table on one room, and the bar upstairs is like something out of Prohibiton-era America, all wood and art deco lamps and wrought iron.

It’s a pleasure to see this bastion of the North Shore harking back to its heritage (at least its design heritage, anyway — it had quite the reputation of being a bloodhouse back in the day), and bringing some of that old world style back to the institution of the Australian pub. Take a look inside below.





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