Check out the BarGEEK popup store for all your bargeekery needs

The BarGEEK popup store opened in Sydney last week, and will be open for all your hi-quality barware needs through to Christmas, before re-opening in 2017.

“We noticed last Christmas that heaps of people wanted to come to the warehouse but we simply can’t have them in there for insurance reasons which sucked,” BarGEEK’s Andres Walters tells us.

“This year a space came about quite randomly through an old mate so literally about three weeks ago we started scrambling to get it together.”

You can find the store at Level 4, 199 Clarence Street in the Sydney CBD — conveniently near the hub of great drinking in the CBD (handily, The Lobo Plantation is just a few doors up the street).

They expect the store to stick around for some time, with Walters hinting at some exciting stuff to take place in the space in the New Year.


“We’ve still got lots of stuff to add to the store so its just gonna get bigger in the coming weeks and early next year. We plan on having it there for as long as possible,” he says. “You’ll see next year we’ll be adding really rare and exciting hand made bar tools to the mix.

For now, you’ll be able to pick up all the jiggers, beakers and flasks you’ll need (and then some) in time for Christmas, and Walters tells us you’re more than welcome to bring a drink with you.

“If anyone wants to bring us beer we are more than happy to drink it with them. Thanks to the PS40 guys who bought a bottle of chardy for Gabs, including ice bucket and everything. Great part of the city to be in!”

The BarGEEK popup is open Monday through Saturday from 2pm to 6pm at Level 4, 199 Clarence Street, Sydney.

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