Take a look at East Village Sydney’s Coke du Rhone

Here’s the perfect drink for when you can’t be bothered.

This is East Village Sydney’s take on the very Spanish drink, Kalimotxo — essentially, red wine and Coke. Their version uses a 2006 Aussie grenache, and a collab cola with Sydney’s PS40 employing cascara cherry, kola nut, cassia bark, nutmeg and more.

It’s a simple drink, given extra depth and complexity by the custom cola.

Coke du Rhone

  • 1/2 East Village x PS40 Cascara Cola
  • 1/2 Australian Grenache
  • Pour the red wine over good ice in a tall glass. Add the Cascara Cola to taste, and leave the guest with the bottle.

    Recipe from East Village Sydney.

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