Bartenders4Bourbon: the Bourbon Shakedown — who’s off to Kentucky?


April 2016 saw the beginning of Bartenders4Bourbon, a unique program that excites, recruits and rewards bartenders. B4B has been active across the globe engaging bartenders and reigniting the passion for bourbon – brought to you by the world’s number one bourbon – Jim Beam.

As part of the program, an irresistible incentive was in place for all B4B recruits: a once in a lifetime trip to Kentucky to visit the home of Bourbon. All you had to do was attend both of the modules then create your very own Jim Beam cocktail, video it, and the golden ticket could be yours.

We are excited to announce our five (5) winners:

NSW – Simon Hopkins (Webster’s Bar)


VIC – Nici Nicolson (The Mail Exchange Hotel)

QLD – Sean McMeekin (The Office Bar & Grill)

SA – Callan Fleming (Fleming&Freear)

WA – Joseph Sinagra (Bobèche)

Each state winner will be jet-setting across to Kentucky in June 2017, visiting Jim Beam and Maker’s Mark distilleries, meeting the Jim Beam Master Distiller as well as soaking up the American spirit while in the U S of A!

The B4B team would like to thank all those bartenders for your participation this year and we hope through our educational classes of exclusive tastings, food pairings, and learning about the historical journey of our brands that you’ve enjoyed the 2016 program.

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