The first Tales of the Cocktail podcast has just dropped

Trends for 2017, a voodoo high priest, and a goal coach for making this year the year in which your bartending goals come alive. That’s what’s in store for the first Tales of the Cocktail podcast, which you can check out here.

For the uninitiated, Tales of the Cocktail is the big, annual event that takes place in New Orleans in July, which sees bartenders and booze from around the world gathering in the one place for a week of parties, seminars, and good times.

In this first podcast, they speak to Chris Hannah from the world famous Arnaud’s French 75 Bar, who speaks about the challenges of training staff that will inevitably move on to other bars and other cities; tips for realising your goals (and defeat the fears holding you back); and the chat with a voodoo high priestess who was a bartender for about 30 years (and who doesn’t drink) about some predictions for 2017.

With Steve Schneider’s podcast on a seeming hiatus (not having been updated since September last year), this new one from the Tales crew could be a good place to get your bartending tips, audio-style.

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