Take a look at Dan Knight’s book on running a small bar business.

It was in 2015 that we brought you the news that Dan Knight and Jeremy Shipley had sold their well-loved small bar, Hinky Dinks. It was a sad day for us and our drinking, but a successful day for Knight and Shipley.

Since then, Knight has travelled the globe, and he’s written a book to share his experience and some of the lessons he learned opening and running a small bar business.

Called The Small Business Samurai, the book promises to cut “through the crap to help you and your business to be the success your deserve.” It charts his course from burned out, over-stressed bar owner to getting to grips with the realities of business and making his business — and his personal life — better.

“Since selling my business in 2015,” he explains, “I have dedicated my time to helping other business owners in the hospitality sector deal with these challenges, reclaim their passion and finally start living the life they dreamt about when they started their business,” says Knight.

In the book, which is written in the form of a fable and is an accessible, entertaining read, Knight discusses each aspect of owning a small business from pricing, promotion, culture, leadership and more.


You can get your copy through Amazon — click here to go there now — and you can check out more from Knight at his website thesmallbusinesssamurai.com and shares helpful stories and insights on his blog mybarsecrets.com..


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