Month: March 2017

Tradition Meets Inspiration: Rutte Drinks By Jörg Meyer, Salvatore Calabrese & Simon Difford

Jörg Meyer, multiple award-winning bar owner of Le Lion – Bar de Paris in Hamburg and inventor of the “Gin Basil Smash,” uses Rutte Dry Gin and Rutte Celery Gin for his very popular international drink. The interplay of sweetness and acidity in the Basil Smash is refined by a piquant note of basil and crowned with the corresponding Rutte Gin.

Go inside the new Potts Point Hotel

When we travel interstate, a question we get asked often is, how is Sydney doing? The Potts Point Hotel is set to rejuvenate the Cross.


This new bar is Tiki as FK

Tiki as FK has got a mid-century aesthetic (think Mad Men goes to Hawaii) and some eye-opening drinks.