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The March issue of Australian Bartender is now available for your iPhone and iPad.

In the March issue, accomplished bar owner Sven Almenning writes about the subtle clauses in your lease which can end up costing you big money — read it before you open a bar, we reckon.

We’ve got the wrap up and winning drink from Dave Kerr’s Bacardi Legacy win. We talk to Sydney bartender and Scottish import Rachael Merritt, on how she keeps her cool in the eye of a customer storm; we hear from Gemma Warriner, the graphic designer behind the identity of some standout Sydney bars (Kittyhawk among them); and Mikey Lowe traces the evolution of the Gin Martini.

We play with port in this month’s How To, profile some classic Irish whiskey cocktails in time for St Patrick’s Day and sip on a London Calling.

There’s new bars, a chat with Varnish on King’s Jamie Passmore, and much more inside.


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