Tradition Meets Inspiration: Rutte Drinks By Jörg Meyer, Salvatore Calabrese & Simon Difford

For almost 150 years, Rutte has produced excellent juniper based spirits from 100% natural ingredients. They are the result of seven generations of Rutte fathers who introduced their sons to the art of distillation. Even today, the spirits of the brand are handcrafted in limited quantities based on the old recipes of the founder, Simon Rutte.

The premium quality and the rich aroma have led to the products’ recognition well beyond the Dutch national borders. With the Rutte International Range – starring Rutte Celery Gin and Rutte Old Simon Genever– the genuine history of the distillery appears on the worldwide scene. Bartenders worldwide value the traditional production and the purity of the products for innovative drink experiences and reinterpretations of classic drinks.

Rutte has already won the hearts of three internationally recognized and acclaimed top bartenders. Using products of the Rutte International Range, two of them even created aromatic Signature Drinks that demonstrate the wide range of uses and the unmistakable flavor of the products.

Jörg Meyer, multiple award-winning bar owner of Le Lion – Bar de Paris in Hamburg and inventor of the “Gin Basil Smash,” uses Rutte Dry Gin and Rutte Celery Gin for his very popular international drink. The interplay of sweetness and acidity in the Basil Smash is refined by a piquant note of basil and crowned with the corresponding Rutte Gin. High recognition value is guaranteed. Jörg Meyer is convinced of the Rutte quality and continuously shares his new discovery with his community:


“Rutte Celery Gin takes my Basil Smash to a new level. Its exciting aftertaste and complexity literally knocked my socks off.”

Gin Basil Smash with Rutte Celery Gin.
Gin Basil Smash with Rutte Celery Gin.
The Rutte Distillery.
The Rutte Distillery.

Rutte Celery Basil Smash

– 40ml Rutte Celery Gin
– 30ml fresh lemon juice
– 20ml rich sugar syrup
– 3 torn leaves of basil

Process: Gently muddle basil in base of shaker with Rutte Celery Gin. Add other ingredients, shake with ice and fine strain into a tumbler over ice. Use the sprig of basil as garnish.

Salvatore Calabrese, better known in the bar scene as “Il Maestro” has created two Signature Drinks with Rutte Spirits. The multiple award-winning Italian tracked down an original recipe from 1824 for the “Mr. Simon” and used Rutte Old Simon Genever. The drink is charismatic, aromatic and especially historical – a perfect score for the tradition and the taste of Rutte. With the “Celery Snapper,” based on Rutte Celery Gin, “Il Maestro” reinterprets the “Dutch Snapper” and successfully conveys the origins of Rutte. Exotic spices, tangy tomato and traditional juniper with a charismatic note of celery form a convincing delicious symbiosis.

“Rutte offers me a diversity of aromas and quality that is hard to find nowadays. It gives me great pleasure rediscovering classic drinks with these pure and honest products. It’s nice to be surprised again and, more importantly, to be able to surprise my guests.”

Simon Difford, British bar legend and celebrated author, is also enthusiastic about this Dutch export.

“Back in 1689, William of Orange conquered England. With him came the Dutch Genever and thus established the English’s love for Gin. More than 300 years later, we are experiencing the next Dutch invasion – this time with Rutte Old Simon Genever. Thankfully, our monarchy is being spared this time – but not the English Gin conventions. With Rutte Celery Gin, the Dutch are bringing a new impetus to the table that convinces me wholeheartedly.”

More Drinks With Rutte

Gin & Tonic // Alternative: Celery Gin & Tonic

– 30ml Rutte Celery Gin
– 60ml parts dry tonic
– 1 lime zest

Process: Add the Rutte Dry Gin over ice to a highball glass, then top up with tonic and garnish with a lime zest.

The Martinez

– 40ml Rutte Old Simon Genever
– 30ml Martini Riserva Rubino
– Bar Spoon De Kuyper Marasquin Liqueur
-2 dash orange bitters
– 1 orange zest

Process: Add all ingredients into a mixing glass and stir with ice until cold and diluted. Strain into a chilled coupette glass and garnish with the orange zest.


– 30ml Rutte Celery Gin
– 30ml Martini Riserva Rubino
– 30ml Campari
– 1 orange zest

Process: Combine all ingredients in a tumbler. Stir with the ice until cold and garnish with the orange zest.

Dutch Courage

30ml Old Simon Genever (from the freezer)
A bottle of pale ale (cascade hops)

Process: Add Rutte Old Simon Genever to a chilled Genever shot glass. Garnish with a cold pale are on the side.

Rutte Gin is now available in Australia. For more information please contact Loy Catada on 0458457208, or Alternatively please contact your local Bacardi-Martini Australia Representative or Customer Care team on 1800 357 994 and

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About Rutte
Rutte has been an expert in creating and distilling superb juniper-based spirits using exclusively natural ingredients for almost 150 years. No added flavours or colourings are used; all of the flavour and colour come from fresh fruit, herbs and nuts, something that is unique in the industry. Rutte has been based in Dordrecht near Rotterdam since its foundation in 1872. As an expert in juniper-based spirits, Rutte’s international range now includes Rutte Old Simon Genever, Rutte Celery Gin and Rutte Dry Gin. Key markets are the Netherlands, USA, UK, Germany, Spain and the Nordics. Rutte was integrated into the portfolio of the traditional Dutch family-owned company De Kuyper Royal Distillers in 2011. However, the process, liquid and obsession with quality that are key to Rutte’s brand character have been and will stay untouched. Rutte Celery Gin and Rutte Old Simon Genever have placed as the best Gin and the best Genever in the “Best New Spirit or Cocktail Ingredient” category at the world leading Annual Spirited Award 2016 / Tales of the Cocktails, New Orleans.
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