Month: April 2017

Local bartender teams up with French winemaker; Maidenii vermouth is born

“I was going through a phase of trying to prepare ingredients for the bar that are better than anything available commercially. I attempted vermouth, it was ok, but not as good as commercially available products, Vernon [Chalker] suggested I should meet his French winemaker friend Gilles Lapalus, which I did.” Shaun Byrne tells of the genesis of his brand, Maidenii vermouth.

How to make the Gin Basil Smash with gin from ‘the smallest distillery in the Netherlands’

With the latest gin creation Rutte Celery Gin, the Dutch distillery’s loving attention to detail down to the last ingredient becomes quite apparent. The refinement of gin with aromatic celery and cardamom demonstrates high distillation expertise and creativity without neglecting treasured traditions. Celery was already used by the founder Simon Rutte as an ingredient, so it has its say in the Old Simon Genever, too.