The Kir Normandie recipe

How does this whole Kir thing work? Well, you take the Kir — cassis and wine (in particular aligote from Burgundy) — and sub out the wine for champagne, which adds the Royale component; switch the champagne for cider from Normandy, and you’ve got yourself a Kir Normandie.

In the Kir formulation, the white wine you use must be acidic and dry — all the better to cut through the sweetness of cassis with. Ditto, for the Royale, and for the Normandie, make sure the cider you use is dry, too.

Kir Normandie

  • 30 ml cassis
  • 150 ml cider
  1. Pour the cider into the glass and top with cassis.
  2. Use 1 part cassis to 5 parts cider as a rough guide, and experiment from there.