Bloke who is ace at sculling beer gets beer named after him

Bob_first pour
Former Australian prime minister, Bob Hawke, racked up a number of accomplishments in public life, which is great and all, but mostly he’s really ace at sculling beer.

It’s become a tradition that during the Sydney test match every January, someone passes Hawkie a beer and he necks it, much to the crowd’s delight.

Now, he can slug back a beer with his face on it, thanks to Hawke’s Lager. Made by Hawke’s Brewing Co, the popular PM is the face of the new beer, which is now available on tap in limited release to select Sydney pubs (their cans are on the way).

What’s in it for Hawke? Well, he’s taking his profit share and donating it to Landcare Australia, and environmental not for profit. Hawke Brewing Co. has also struck up a partnership with Landcare which will see a percentage of the profits going to the organisation.


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