The MONIN Inspiration app is a new recipe collection for your phone

MONIN, the world’s leading provider of flavouring products, introduces the new MONIN Inspiration app for smartphones and tablets. The app, available as a free download by searching ‘MONIN Inspiration’ in the App Store or Google Play, was designed with users of all skill levels in mind, from expert to novice. Available globally, and in five languages, the app will provide access to hundreds of beverage recipes and exclusive content at the touch of a button in a community forum that encourages users to create, share and explore.

CREATE verb | cre·ate

To produce (something new, such as a work of art) by using your talents and imagination

Create your own beverage recipes using your favorite MONIN Syrups, Fruit Smoothie and Cocktail Mixes, or Sauces and save them to your personal profile. Organize your creations by level of difficulty and snap a photo to showcase each one.

SHARE verb | share

To use, participate in, enjoy; jointly • to tell (as thoughts, feelings, or experiences) to others


Inspire others by sharing your favourite recipes within the app or across social media. Join a community of fellow MONIN lovers and keep a finger on the pulse of what people around the world are creating.

FIND & EXPLORE verb | ex·plore

To learn about (something) by trying it

Browse hundreds of beverage recipes, each one developed by a MONIN bartender or barista. Explore these MONIN recipes from your region or from around the world while also discovering what others like you in the app community are creating. Built-in features, such as the Mood Matcher, allow you to explore a world of flavour and find the perfect recipe for how you are feeling or for an upcoming event.

Why Now?

As the trusted brand of choice among café and bar professionals around the globe, MONIN is leading the way in food and beverage trends and innovation. With a growing library of recipes and so much beverage knowledge from around the world, there’s no better way to share this innovation than with an exclusive MONIN smartphone and tablet app. Our well-earned reputation as industry experts is largely due to our world class team of beverage innovators in more than 30 countries. The MONIN Inspiration app will allow our growing team of international MONIN flavour experts to connect with counterparts working in bars and cafés worldwide as well as flavour enthusiasts everywhere, for a truly universal experience.

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Founded in 1912 in Bourges, France and family-owned for three generations, MONIN is the premier provider of quality flavouring solutions. With manufacturing facilities in three continents and distribution to more than 140 countries, MONIN is recognized as the global flavour leader. MONIN currently offers over 200 specialty syrup, sauce, and fruit smoothie and cocktail mixes designed to add superior flavour to specialty beverages, culinary applications and more. For more information on any MONIN product please contact your MONIN Sales Representative or call 1800 225 417 or visit

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