How to make the Gin Basil Smash with gin from ‘the smallest distillery in the Netherlands’

What began in 1872 in the back room of the founder Simon Rutte in Dordrecht near Rotterdam, carries on magnificently today: the distillation of superb juniper based spirits. With the Rutte range, the smallest distillery in the Netherlands is now presenting two new distillates for the Australian market. With the selection Rutte Celery Gin and Rutte Old Simon Genever, the traditional company offers bartenders the highest quality achievable as a source of inspiration for new drink creations as well as a rich history to their guests.

But what makes Rutte so special? Regardless of whether it is gin or genever, the unique purity and the distinctive flavor results from the superior ingredients and the traditional distilling craft. The company has purposely chosen to preserve the heritage of Simon Rutte over generations and continues to use the original recipes to this day. For the distillation of the premium spirits only natural ingredients are used. Exotic botanicals, aromatic herbs and fresh fruits determine the distinctive flavor and the superb quality.

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The extracts of the various juniper specialties are distilled by hand with loving attention and refined with great joy of experimentation. The genevers of the house, for example, are enhanced with freshly picked berries from the Dutch coast or carob pods from Cyprus. And the nuts that contribute to the characteristic flavor of the Old Simon Genever are, of course, roasted in the distillery, filling the air with a delicious aroma.


With the latest gin creation Rutte Celery Gin, the Dutch distillery’s loving attention to detail down to the last ingredient becomes quite apparent. The refinement of gin with aromatic celery and cardamom demonstrates high distillation expertise and creativity without neglecting treasured traditions. Celery was already used by the founder Simon Rutte as an ingredient, so it has its say in the Old Simon Genever, too.

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Genever can be called the forefather of gin. The latter was in fact originally created as an imitation of the highly popular Dutch Genever. In those days it went by the name “Dutch Courage” because the soldiers were quite fond of it during the 30 Year War.

Despite the relationship, there is a significant principal difference between gin and genever: the basis. While gin is based on a comparable neutral grain spirit, a blend of malt wine and neutral grain spirit is used for making genever. It is the malt wine that provides the distinct grainy aroma to the genever. The most obvious similarity of both distillates is the juniper berry.


Rutte Celery Gin
The old and new world of gin-production meet here. Seven generations and nearly 150 years of distillation experience of the Rutte Company have been elegantly woven into Celery Gin using modern gin-production expertise. But celery is not a new flavor for Rutte: very early documentation of the distillery shows experimentation with unusual botanicals, including celery.

Tasting Notes Nose: Complex herbs line up with elegant notes of juniper berries in the foreground. Flavor: Balanced citrus notes command the taste, accompanied by subtle but incisive hints of the inimitable celery taste. Finish: The celery remains velvety and soft.

Pack size: 0.7 l Alcohol content: 43% vol.

Old Simon Genever
Rutte Old Simon Genever is made according to an original recipe of the company founder Simon Rutte. Key ingredients of this aromatic composition are roasted walnuts and hazelnuts. These are added to the pot still during distillation, along with juniper berries and herbs such as coriander and angelica root, creating an especially natural nutty flavor. The nut and herb flavors are complemented and enhanced by the addition of mace and celery. The graininess of the malt wine is balanced with fresh fruit, which are – just as the nuts – a unique ingredient for genever in general. The Genever bears the addendum “Oude” (old). However, this does not refer to its aging. The term rather means ‘old style’, a category of genever resembling the style of the first genevers. One of its characteristics is a high percentage of malt wine that contributes to a robust, full-bodied flavor.

Tasting Notes Nose: Subtle wheat aromas, accompanied by herbs and nuts. Flavor: Wonderfully nutty. Hazelnut and walnut seem to take turns. Spicy grain rounds off the experience. Finish: Nutty finish. Creamy, velvety structure. Pleasantly soft and long lasting.

Pack size: 0.7 l Alcohol content: 35% vol.

Rutte Gin is now available in Australia. For more information please contact Loy Catada on 0458457208, or Alternatively please contact your local Bacardi-Martini Australia Representative or Customer Care team on 1800 357 994 and

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About Rutte
Rutte has been an expert in creating and distilling superb juniper-based spirits using exclusively natural ingredients for almost 150 years. No added flavours or colourings are used; all of the flavour and colour come from fresh fruit, herbs and nuts, something that is unique in the industry. Rutte has been based in Dordrecht near Rotterdam since its foundation in 1872. As an expert in juniper-based spirits, Rutte’s international range now includes Rutte Old Simon Genever, Rutte Celery Gin and Rutte Dry Gin. Rutte was integrated into the portfolio of the traditional Dutch family-owned company De Kuyper Royal Distillers in 2011. However, the process, liquid and obsession with quality that are key to Rutte’s brand character have been and will stay untouched. Rutte Celery Gin and Rutte Old Simon Genever have placed as the best Gin and the best Genever in the “Best New Spirit or Cocktail Ingredient” category at the world leading Annual Spirited Award 2016 / Tales of the Cocktails, New Orleans. For more information about Rutte please visit

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