Here’s two spiced rum cocktail recipes worth busting out

Spiced rum has enjoyed a huge boost in popularity over the last decade, and there’s now a number of brands on the market vying for your attention as a bartender.

But spiced rum has always been around. In much the same way that people have been spiking wine and liqueurs with herbs and fruit and spices in the old world of Europe, the same thing happened in the new world.

You can be sure that just as soon as rum was distilled and being drunk in the Caribbean, some enterprising merchant would have tricked up some rum with whatever fruits and spices they had handy.

Should you be lucky enough to head to the Caribbean you’ll see bottles of rum spiked with various fruits and spices at street stalls. And why not? A little hit of spice can take the edge off otherwise fearsome aguardiente.

Thankfully, the spiced rum bottlings available in Australia these days are far from lethal firewater. Instead, what they offer bartenders is another avenue for packing in punchier, robust flavours into your drinks. Here, we’ve got a couple of recipes that do just that, don’t forget to check out the in-house recipe for Kittyhawk’s Spiced Rum here.


old grogam

Old Grogam


  • 60ml Beach House Spiced Rum
  • 30ml stout reduction 
  • 15ml lemon juice
  • 15ml sugar syrup

Shake and strain into a rocks glass. Garnish with a lemon twist and flamed cinnamon.
Adapted from a recipe from Kittyhawk, Sydney.

This is a drink that, if you’ve ever been to The Lobo Plantation, you’ve likely tasted — or at least seen being made. It’s the one which lights up the darkened bar periodically when ordered, as you’ll see the bartenders flaming the cinnamon with their somewhat oversized brûlée torches. It’s also on the menu at their sister venue, Kittyhawk. We’ve listed Beach House Spiced Rum here, but at Kittyhawk they’re using their house made spiced rum — we’ve got the specs for that here, too.


Hurricane a la NOLA

  • 20ml Bacardi Carta Fuego
  • 20ml Coruba Jamaican Rum
  • 20ml Germana Cachaca
  • 20ml passionfruit
  • 20ml Monin Grenadine
  • 10ml lemon juice
  • 30ml orange juice

Build all ingredients over ice in a — what else — Hurricane glass.

Adapted from a recipe at NOLA Smokehouse & Bar, Sydney.


Tasting notes

Bacardi Carta Fuego
Bacardi Carta Fuego is a spiced rum with big upfront notes of cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg and other spices, with a hearty oak character thanks to torched oak barrels used for its short ageing period, and is full and rich on the palate with a lingering finish. Bacardi-Martini

Beach House Spiced Rum
Pours a golden straw colour in the glass, it has a subtle nose dominated by blood orange and hay characters, with notes of gingerbread and lime. You’ll pick up exotic spices and bitter orange blossom notes on the palate, leading to a smooth finish. Cerbaco

Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum
Intense vanilla, dry buttery toffee and cinnamon notes on the nose. Cinnamon and nutmeg on the palate along with vanilla, and a long dry finish. William Grant & Sons

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