So you want to open a bar? Steve Schneider has some advice for you

Many bartenders want to, one day, open their own bar. To have their own little piece of the action.

It’s just that not all bartenders end up doing it. Why? Probably because, well, it’s hard. But it also takes money, and that’s a piece of advice that Steve Schneider, he of Hey, Bartender and Employees Only fame, has for you here.

“You should save your money,” he says.

Employees Only's Steve Schneider
Employees Only’s Steve Schneider

Well, yeah, of course. But what Schneider did was, when he got promoted and increased his pay, he banked the bonus, knowing that he wanted to one day open his own place.

He also says that people will tell you how to open a bar, but at the end of the day, there’s no one right way.


“One thing I learned about owning a bar is that all bars are different, man,” he says. “[Somebody will] be like, well this is how you own a bar, this is what you do — [but] all markets are different, all bars are different, all staff is different, everything is different, is what I realised.

“And there’s no one way to do it, you know?”

See what else Steve has to say in the video above.

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