Dasher + Fisher – Tasmanian gin from Nowhere Else and Paradise… seriously

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Indie Spirits Tasting Brisbane is back for its second year at Lefty’s Old Time Music Hall on Sunday May 28 from 12.30 till 4pm. The event, which is also staged in both Sydney and Perth, is all about great spirits and good times. Tickets are just $55 (plus booking fee) online and include access to over 30 exhibitors showcasing more than 120 craft spirits, with master distillers on hand to chat and free seminars diving deep into the world of indie spirits. Only 6 days to go so Click here to get your tickets now.

If you like supporting small brands and uncovering little known gems then the Indie Spirits Tasting is tailor-made for you. We have Dasher + Fisher gins from Tasmania on board for the first time. We asked Master Distiller and Tassie advocate, George Burgess, a few questions about his gins and Tasmanian craft spirits.

Give me a little bit of background on your brands and what prompted you to start them. Dasher + Fisher are the two wild rivers that flow down from the mountains and feed into our water supply. When I described the path I took each month to collect the fresh botanicals the branding became obvious. I would travel through Nowhere Else, cross the Dasher River and arrive in Paradise to harvest fresh botanicals for Meadow Gin. When we looked at a map to show people that Nowhere Else and Paradise were actual places we noted the Dasher River I frequently crossed. Southern Wild Distillery came about after firstly describing and secondly showing people the remote and rugged locations I forage for ingredients. The places I go are not your typical postcard perfect tourist versions of Tasmania, they are wild and at the same time glorious and moving. They are peaceful, majestic and untouched, like travelling back in time.

What products do you have in your portfolio?

  • Dasher + Fisher Ocean Gin 700mL
  • Dasher + Fisher Meadow Gin 700mL
  • Dasher + Fisher Mountain Gin 700mL

Tell us a little bit about your distillery and your distilling process. The distillation process varies a little. The 2 modern gins being so complex and layered require a 2-pronged single-shot distillation process consisting of both maceration and vapour infusion. The classically styled Mountain uses 100% maceration. The still was designed in-house and manufactured by hand here in Northern Tasmania by Stillsmiths Tasmania.

If you are a distiller, tell us some of the highlights of a day in your life making booze. When a random stranger walks in the door carrying half a tree and asking me if I could use this? I love foraging, exploring our landscapes and meeting with growers.

How do you see your product in the spectrum of Australian craft spirits? SWD is exploring aspects of regionality, seasonality, terroir, telling the stories of the growers. We’re linking the landscape to the drinking experience and I don’t believe there’s anyone out there with quite that level of focus in this area.

Why do you think Tasmania is such a thriving spirits scene now? My eyes lit up and I had a huge smile at reading this question. If you’ve ever spent any time driving around the countryside of the beautiful NW coast you’ll have experienced the lush landscapes of rich and fertile soils quenched by pristine waters falling from clouds that haven’t seen civilisation in more than 10,755km, travelling from the southern tip of Argentina to Cape Grim Tasmania. For this reason we record not only the cleanest water but also the most pure air. Combine all these elements and you have the ingredients for one “imbued” food bowl Island, my bijou.

The spirits industry has changed a lot in the last 5 years, making way for events like the Indie Spirits Tasting. Why do you think this is? People are becoming better educated about spirits, they have improved palettes and are demanding higher quality products, they are also looking for more information about the products they choose to support. They want to know about the people, product and place, it’s not good enough to simply make a product, you now need to make an experience, an experience that consumers can relate to and wish to support.

Where do you see the craft spirits industry heading in the next ten years?

  • Focus on the origin of ingredients
  • Consumer engagement
  • Product collaborations
  • Australians will continue to drink less but drink better

What are some of your favourite craft spirit brands (other than your own) and what do you like about them? Corsair Artisan Distillery – USA. I love that the founder Darek Bell is a fanatic tinkerer like me. That child-like sense of wonder that allows us to innovate and adventure into territory unknown.

Who will be on hand to discuss the brands at the event? Ben Moechtar (National Sales)

So make sure you head to Lefty’s on Sunday 28 May and have a chat with Ben about these Tasmanian Spirits. Click here to get your tickets now.

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