There’s a little touch of tiki to be found in this bar within a bar

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Tiki Tiki Gai

351 Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley

There’s a little touch of tiki to be found in Brisbane drinking district, Fortitude Valley.

Head down into Heya Bar, and you’ll find a bar within a bar called Tiki Tiki Gai.

“The main drive behind the tiki bar was that we wanted to achieve something that was lacking in the Valley,” says Sean Waters from the DAP & Co group (whose venues include Heya Bar, Popolo Dining, and two-time Bar of the Year The Gresham). “We were thinking of ideas that could work with the Golden Gai theme of Heya Bar seamlessly. The Hawaiian Tiki concept was a natural fit (with the historical links between Japan and Hawaii), and it also satisfied our desire to have a unique product offering for the Valley.”


They’re drawing on Heya Bar’s Asian-influences for the drinks, with flavours like kaffir lime, green tea, and chilli hitting the list. Take a look inside below.

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