The Lobo Plantation’s 4th birthday party is going to be huge — check out the team they’ve assembled


Sydney rum bar, The Lobo Plantation, has been setting the drinking scene on fire since 2013. They’ve won awards — including the Rum Bar of the Year award at last year’s Bartender Magazine Australian Bar Awards — and they’ve produced a stellar cast of bartenders over that time.

So ahead of their 4th birthday they’re running a menu that features drinks from past and present bartenders, starting next Monday, the 19th of June.

And then for the big 4th birthday party on June 20th, they’re getting the gang back together.

“We will be hosting a Throw Back bar team of past members including [current South East Asia Monkey Should ambassador] Jay Gray, Simon Toohey (if he doesn’t bitch out), Paige Aubort, Michael Chiem, Julius Yates and Rowan Vidler,” says Lobo’s group bars manager, Dre Walters.


The Lobo Plantation’s birthday parties are nights of legend, so if you’re fan of the bar make sure you keep the 20th of June clear.

“As we always do we plan on throwing a birthday party to remember,” Walters says. “If you’ve ever been to one of these parties you’ll know what i mean, wether it’s a mariachi band or Charlie Lehmann popping out of a novelty-sized cake in a red dress, it’s expected to be a cracker of an evening.”

Walters says it’s their way of showing some love. “Let us say thanks to everyone who has made Lobo what it is today,” he says.

For more information, follow their Facebook page for updates.


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