Here’s all the competitors for the Bartender of the Year sponsored by BACARDÍ & De Kuyper

Australian Bartender’s 2017 Bartender of the Year sponsored by BACARDÍ & De Kuyper is upon us, and here are the bartenders with the guts to take it on.

It’s the toughest and longest-running test of bartending ability, with the list of previous winners reading like a Hall of Fame of Australian bartending royalty.

It all begins with the famously tough exam, taking place on Monday 18 September at Ramblin’ Rascal during Sydney Bar Week; it cranks up a notch with the Mystery Box round following the exam, and culminates in the pressure cooker environment of the Bartender Magazine Australian Bar Awards, where the Top 8 — the best the country has to offer — will showcase their skills in front of some 600 of the industry’s best and brightest.

The winner will bag not only the bragging rights, but also a trip to New Orleans for Tales of the Cocktail.

If you’ve thrown your cap in the ring, kudos to you. You’ll soon receive an email with further details about the competition. If you don’t see your name on the list opposite, it’s not too late to enter the Bartender of the Year sponsored by BACARDÍ & De Kuyper — click here to fill out the form and email competition organiser Sam Bygrave at


Now, get studying and we’ll see you all in September.

Round #1

Date: Monday 18 September
Time: 10.30am – 1pm
Venue: Ramblin’ Rascal Tavern

The Written Test…
The first round is the famously tough bartending exam, testing your knowledge of spirits, cocktails, bartending and more. Bring a pen, get there on time, and hang about after the exam to find out who makes the cut to the Top 16.

Round #2

Date: Monday 18 September
Time: 2pm – 4pm
Venue: Ramblin’ Rascal Tavern

Mystery Round
Those who make the Top 16 will then go into the Mystery Box Round. The mystery box challenge will test your speed, creativity,
and classic cocktail knowledge behind the stick in a high pressure environment; the Blind Tasting will test you on just how well you
know your spirits.

Round #3

Date: Tuesday 19 September
Time: 5:00pm
Venue: The Bar Awards at Doltone House

The Top 8 Mixology Round
The Top 8 round takes place at the most prestigious event on the bar industry calendar: the Bartender Magazine Australian Bar Awards. There, on stage in front of 600 industry heavyweights you’ll prepare two drinks showcasing all the skills you can bring to bear — and one of you will Australia’s ultimate bartending title.

The Competitors

  • Abigail Stavrow, Cloudland-Crystal Palais, QLD
  • Adam Dow, Dead Ringer, NSW
  • Adam Hussein, Madame Brussels, VIC
  • Alessandro Carrozza, The George Bistro, NSW
  • Alex Archibald, Seamstress, VIC
  • Alex Grossett, The Rook, NSW
  • Alex Hooker, Laruche, QLD
  • Alex Johnston, Hot Tamale, NT
  • Alissa Gabriel, Mjølner, NSW
  • Andrew Macleod, Mjolner, NSW
  • Anneliese Grazioli, Hot Tamale, NT
  • Anthony Cashman, The Manhattan Line, QLD
  • Art Palomata, The Carter Sydney, NSW
  • Baxter Pickard, Hains & Co., SA
  • Benjamin Ward, Laruche, QLD
  • Benji Mitchell, Tavolo, WA
  • Bibek Chalise, Mercure Darwin Airport Resort, NT
  • Billie-Jean Bray, The Gresham , QLD
  • Bobby Aydogan, Monopole, NSW
  • Bobby Carey, Big Poppa’s, NSW
  • Brendon Osmers, The Gresham, QLD
  • Brent van den Bogaardt, Papa Gede’s Bar, NSW
  • Charles Chang, Lotus Dining, NSW
  • Chris Denman, Tomcat, QLD
  • Christian Barnes, South Seas Cocktail Lounge, TAS
  • Christian Leibenatus, Papi Chulo, NSW
  • Christopher Rossi, The Treehouse, NSW
  • Clara Edmonds, Magic Mountain Saloon, VIC
  • Damien Kos, The 18th Amendment Bar, VIC
  • Dan Rankin, Elixir Rooftop Bar, QLD
  • Dan Carr, Nirvana, QLD
  • Daniel Gregory, Canvas, QLD
  • Daniel Noble, Ramblin’ Rascal Tavern, NSW
  • Daniel Woods, The Manhattan Line, QLD
  • David Angwin, Hennessy, SA
  • David Blathwayt, The Ugly Duckling, VIC
  • David Nutting, Eau de Vie, NSW
  • David Rofe, NOLA Smokehouse & Bar, NSW
  • David Smillie, House of Correction, VIC
  • Dean Buchanan, Long Chim, WA
  • Dean Scuderi, Press Club, QLD
  • Evan Stroeve, Shady Pines Saloon, NSW
  • Francesco Turrini, Pier One Sydney Harbour, NSW
  • Fulvio Virgili, 400 Gradi, VIC
  • Hannah Bolt, Statler and Waldorf, QLD
  • Harry Saunders, The Lobo Plantation, NSW
  • Ian Loh, Mello House, WA
  • James Heyward, Mona Void Bar, TAS
  • James Irvine, Swillhouse, NSW
  • James Russell, The Barber Shop, NSW
  • James Snelgrove, PS-40, NSW
  • Jenna Hemsworth, The Baxter Inn/Restaurant Hubert, NSW
  • Jerry Dang, Croydon Lane Wine & Tapas Bar, NSW
  • Jessica Williamson, Deathproof, QLD
  • Jimmy Burchett, Boilermaker House, VIC
  • Jody Carmichael, Ku De Ta, WA
  • Joe Sinagra, Ku De Ta, WA
  • Jonothan Carr, Kittyhawk, NSW
  • Joseph Winika, Cotton, QLD
  • Josh Trovatoq, NOLA Smokehouse & Bar, NSW
  • Josie Blanchard, Chow, NT
  • Kal Moore, Tomcat, QLD
  • Kate Bluett, Cloudland-Crystal Palais, QLD
  • Kate McGraw, Lotus Dining Group, NSW
  • Kelham Waterfield, Bar Moncur, NSW
  • Kennedy Chung, Darlo Country Club, NSW
  • Kevin Hubatschek, Above Board, VIC
  • Kiriay Mackie, The H.A. Bar at The Henry Austin, SA
  • Liam Monk, Bobéche, WA
  • Lou Dare, NOLA Smokehouse & Bar, NSW
  • Luke Hanzlicek, Osaka Trading Co, NSW
  • Lushinda Ellul, Pier Bar, SA
  • Maddie Sim, Laruche, QLD
  • Matt Baker, Laruche, QLD
  • Matthew O’Sullivan, Press Club, QLD
  • Matthew Portillo, Brooklyn Standard, QLD
  • Michael Calamante, Supernormal, VIC
  • Millie Tang, Deathproof, QLD
  • Mitchell Gurrin, The Dominion League, WA
  • Nathanael Gonelli, Blackbird, QLD
  • Nick Cozens, Eau de Vie Melbourne, VIC
  • Nick Gottschalk, The Crafty Squire, VIC
  • Nick Tesar, Bar Liberty, VIC
  • Nikolas Thompson, Metropolis Fremantle, WA
  • Noah Lloyd, The Press Club, QLD
  • Orlando Marzo, Lûmé, VIC
  • Palmira Bertuca, Bar Macchiavelli, NSW
  • Patrick Ivison, Grape Therapy City, QLD
  • Paul Hammond, Bulletin Place, NSW
  • Phillip Jones, Hains & Co, SA
  • Pouya Khoshtarash, Skycity, QLD
  • Priscilla Leong, The Baxter Inn, NSW
  • Quinton Seeto, Bodhi Restaurant & Bar, NSW
  • Quynh Nguyen, Charlie Parker’s, NSW
  • Rachael Merritt, Jangling Jacks, NSW
  • Raphael Redant, Stitch, NSW
  • Reece Southern, Nobu, WA
  • Riccardo Dal Molin, Odyssea Beach Cafe, WA
  • Richard White, Kubarz Tweed Coast and Byron Bay, NSW
  • Roman Tazhdynov, The Bibliotheca Bar and Book Exchange, SA
  • Sam Comley, The Emerson, VIC
  • Sean McGuire, Nieuw Amsterdam, VIC
  • Silas Otto, Hippo Co, ACT
  • Stuart Morrow, The Baxter Inn, NSW
  • Tessa Hurst, Helvetica Bar, WA
  • Theo Boggs, Bar Rochford, ACT
  • Theo Hampshire, Supernormal, VIC
  • Thomas Egan, Prahran Hotel, VIC
  • Thomas Smith, Urbane Restaurant, QLD
  • Timothy Speechly, Laruche, QLD
  • Tony Burn,s Locale Noosa, QLD
  • Tony Huang, Vintaged Bar & Grill, QLD
  • YuYao Liu, Lotus The Galleries, NSW

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