What is Old Book Laphroaig? Watch Sam Egerton from Charlie Parker’s make Winter Mornings in Christchurch

Toby Marshall (left), and Sam Egerton

Welcome to the Charlie Parker’s How To series of videos, a collection of delicious and innovative creations that are the brainchilds of the extremely talented duo Toby Marshall and Sam Egerton. Each video demonstrates their ‘Top to Tail’ Philosophy and the sustainable techniques used within Charlie Parker’s cocktails.

Here, Sam Egerton demonstrates through his Winter Mornings in Christchurch how Charlie Parker’s explores experiential and emotive drinks concepts within their menu.

“This has definitely been one of my esoteric meanderings in the journey of drinks creation,” he says. “So with that in mind I would like to hopefully take you back to the misspent winters of my youth in Christchurch. When my life was consumed with open fires, black coffee, cigarettes and quality books.”

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Watch the video below and check out the specs beneath.

Winter Mornings in Christchurch

  • 40ml Jim Beam Double Oak
  • 15ml old book Laphroaig 10
  • 5ml Connemara
  • 7.5ml black coffee syrup

Stir down the above ingredients with ice. Spray a small rocks glass with tobacco aromatic. Strain into prepared glass.

For the old book Laphroaig 10:

  • 100g old book pages, shredded and blended
  • 350ml Laphroaig 10

Rotovap the above for 30 minutes (120rpm: 50/0:-1hPa).

For the black coffee syrup:

  • 400g used coffee grounds
  • 200g brown sugar
  • 200g water

Add to a vacuum bag and rest for 72 hours.

For the tobacco aromatic:

  • 50g loose leaf tobacco
  • 350ml neutral grain spirit

Rotovap the above for 30 minutes (120rpm: 50/0:-1hPa).
*note: tobacco contains nicotine, which can be poisonous when concentrated, so do your research first.

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