Month: September 2017

NSW government relaxes — just a little — some liquor laws

“Those who appreciate fine whisky in a relaxed, intimate small bar setting would sooner go without than be forced to dilute their favourite drop,” said Minister for Racing Paul Toole in a statement today.

Southtrade names Patrick Tully as the first Australian Patrón Tequila ambassador

Patrick steps into the newly created role with nearly 10 years of experience in the Australian hospitality industry. Having worked at and run some of the top bars and restaurants in the country, his focus has always been on sharing his love of fine food, spirits and wine with just about anyone who will listen.

Gods of tiki: Don the Beachcomber, Sunny Sund, & Trader Vic

“The food is exotic, tropical rain drums on the roof and the interior is so dim that all the ladies look lovely.” Meet a few of the gods of tiki: Don the Beachcomber, Sunny Sund, & Trader Vic.


The Remsen Cooler

The Remsen Cooler is pretty much a straight up Gin Rickey; the difference on this…

Gin Smash recipe

This is a simple Smash recipe — it’s sugar, mint, and gin, not dissimilar to a…