Watch Sam Egerton make Charlie Parker’s Tomato Bush & Strawberry Boulevardier

Here’s the final instalment in the How To series of videos from Charlie Parker’s, in which we look at a collection of delicious and innovative creations that are the brainchilds of the extremely talented duo Toby Marshall and Sam Egerton.

Here, Sam Egerton demonstrates through his Tomato Bush & Strawberry Boulevardier how Charlie Parker’s explores experiential and emotive drinks concepts within their menu.

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Watch the video below and check out the specs beneath.


Jim Beam Double Tomato Bush & Strawberry Boulevardier

Drink Specifications:

  • 40ml tomato bush boulevardier
  • 40ml strawberry boulevardier

Stir over ice and serve up. Garnish with strawberry & tomato leather.

Strawberry & Tomato Bush Bourbon:

  • 100g Tomatoes sliced – separate truss
  • 100g Strawberries sliced

Dehydrate for 24 hours. Sous Vide individually with:

  • 400ml Jim Beam Double Oak
  • 200ml Antica Formula
  • 200ml Campari

Sous Vide 60°C for 60 minutes. Strain off liquid and add tomato truss in vacuum bag and flash infuse with Vacuum Chamber. Blitz remaining strawberry & tomato pulp. Lay out flat on baking paper & dehydrate for 8 hours.

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