Need a drink that’s delicious with booze or without? Try the Shrub from Burrow Bar

Burrow Shrub

  • 30ml raspberry shrub
  • 30ml brandy
  • Top with soda

Here’s a drink that’s delicious with booze, or sans booze. They’ve nailed their shrubbery at Burrow bar, getting the exact balance between sweet and sour bang on with their Raspberry Shrub when we were in. The process? Essentially, fresh fruit and caster sugar are cold macerated in the
fridge for two weeks with a corresponding vinegar.

For service, they mix it with a dark spirit: rum, or brandy are suggested, though we’re told that gin works well with just about all the shrubs they’ve made.

And the booze-free option of shrub plus soda water, well, that’s about as much fun as you can have with your pants on.

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