Wachholderbeeren Hahnschwanz

The name of this drink translates to ‘juniper berries cocktail’, if you trust old mate Google Translate and its ability to sprechen the German. This appears after the Improve Tom Gin Cocktail in The Mixicologist, and specifies Holland gin in place of the Old Tom gin, and syrup instead of the curaçao. In the spirit of adapting and bastardising recipes, however, for this recipe we’ve used the shiraz barrel-aged gin from Prohibition in South Australia, which gives the drink more character, and kept the curaçao for the same reasons.

Wachholderbeeren Hahnschwanz

  • 60 ml Prohibition Shiraz Barrel Gin
  • 5 ml curacao
  • 2 dash bitters
  1. Stir over ice and strain into a cocktail glass.

Adapted from The Mixicologist, 1895.



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