This new cocktail book is all about L’Heure du Cocktail

L’Heure du Cocktail? Yep, that’s French, and it’s French for The Cocktail Hour, the name of this new book.

Here’s a new cocktail recipe book with a twist; instead of a simple alphabetical listing of a number of cocktails, L’Heure du Cocktail divides the recipes up into the hours of the day.

The book features 224 recipes collected by Marcel Requien and presented by Lucien Farnoux-Reynaud, a number of which have come from European bars. We appreciate that the cocktail hour in question is not one measly hour, nor does it begin at the crack of dawn (that’s too much, even for us), but this beautifully designed book begins drinks at elevenses, an appropriate time for a pre-prandial drink.

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