Month: November 2017

It drinks like a natural wine, only better: get the recipe for the Bartender of the Year’s winning drink

The Dream Catcher presents and pours just like a natural wine, and it blew away the judges (and the competitors, too). Indeed, after Gregory’s presentation had concluded and the competition ended for the night, you could see more than a few of the bartending industry’s big names clamouring for a swig from the bottle.

In case you missed it: the 6 biggest stories of November

With summer beginning tomorrow and spring well and truly sprung, we know you’re been busy keeping the public hydrated and comfortable. So in case you missed them, here’s six top reads from the month of November.

7 variations on the Martini to put in your face

The Martini is the perfect vehicle for delivering some straight-up, let’s-not-muck-about great tasting booze to your face; here’s 7 variations on the Martini recipe you can use to create your own riff.

Ones to watch in 2018: James Irvine, from Sydney’s Swillhouse

We knew already that Irvine has a way with drinks — the Pastis Fizz he created for Restaurant Hubert was just about our favourite drink of 2016 — but it was his off the cuff banter on stage whilst presenting his drinks in front of 600 people at the Bartender Magazine Australian Bar Awards that saw him as a crowd favourite for the competition.