Why Paige Aubort created Coleman’s Academy (and why it’s going to Melbourne this weekend)

Paige Aubort, left, with Jenna Hemsworth. Photo: Meet The People/Daryl Hong

Coleman’s Academy is an initiative founded by Sydney bartender Paige Aubort, and is set up as “a not for profit organization that focuses on empowering and inspiring women in our industry.” And this weekend, they’ll be hosting their first session interstate, when Coleman’s Academy lands in Melbourne on Sunday the 19th.

The event, which is for women only, offers a place for “women to talk to and meet like-minded females,” says Aubort.

“I created Coleman’s because it needed to exist and no one else was doing anything to fill the void,” she says. “I keep doing it because gender disparity in the industry still exists, because all women need to sit in front of brilliant and accomplished women and know they too can achieve the same success and because of the powerfully positive impact I have seen it have directly on the lives of the women who attend.”

Speaking on the day will be Michelle Matthews from Luckie Guides, and Ren Butler from The Whisky Social, who will join a high quality roster of talent who have spoken at Coleman’s in the past: Tash Conte, Jessica Arnott, Alex Ross, Myffy Rigby, Jenna Hemsworth, Harriet Leigh, Dominique Easter, and Celia Schoonraad have all made appearances at Coleman’s.

So why is Aubort taking Coleman’s on the road to Melbourne?


“For all the same reasons as to why it continues to exist,” says Aubort, “but adding into the mix that the love and effect from these sessions can be spread a little bit wider. Coleman’s shouldn’t be contained to one state just because it’s a small grass roots initiative. What is brilliant about the whole thing is that Melbourne is home to so many successful and powerful women in the hospitality industry, to give them a stage and a push to tell their story to others would be a dream.”

To find out more about the event, check out the Coleman’s Academy event page on Facebook here. You can take a look at and watch previous Coleman’s Academy talks here.

Photo: Christo Herriot

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