Here are all the finalists for The Perfect Blend 2018

With nearly 500 entries submitted, deciding upon The Perfect Blend finalists for 2018 was no easy task.

10 judges on the panel completely blind-judged each individual entry – and it’s now time that we reveal to you those who were fortunate enough to progress to the next round: The State Finals.

In no particular order here are 2018 State finalists of The Perfect Blend:

New Zealand


  • Geordie Holibar
  • Katya Efremova
  • Louis Shepherd
  • Eddie Goddard
  • Georgia Mackenzie


  • Darren Mynes
  • Alexander Balchin
  • Isaac Fitzpatrick
  • Alex Carter
  • Alex Vowles
  • Laura Vincent
  • Max Roberts-Bristow

New South Wales


  • Joshua Waller
  • Ryan Bickley
  • Anna Nguyen
  • Benjamin Vials
  • Joshua Diaz
  • Tua Fatongiatau


  • Rachael Merritt
  • Jonothan Carr
  • Daniel Noble
  • Kurtis Bosley
  • Mitchell Lambess
  • Grazia Di Franco
  • Conor O’Brien



  • Tom Charles
  • Chelsea Perks
  • Ashley Beith
  • Kayla Reid
  • Jessica Moxon
  • Ryan Curtis Bunn
  • Sean McMeekin


  • Tristan Green
  • Elliot Pascoe
  • Aidan Beiers
  • Billie-Jean Bray
  • Mathew Feaenly
  • John Highton

South Australia/Northern Territory


  • Al Simmons
  • Sagar (Siggy) Acharya
  • Baxter Pickard
  • Kayla Grigoriou
  • Adam Hingston
  • Noah Johnston


  • Pouya Khoshtarash
  • David Robinson
  • Anneliese Grazioli
  • Lachlan Gunner
  • Jameson Gregg
  • Dan Wall
  • Nick Corletto



  • Ben Rickman
  • Genevieve Maladay
  • Tim Pope
  • Samuel Sneyd
  • Phoenix Holohan
  • Alex Grumball


  • Etien Celzner
  • Gorge Camorra
  • Max Allison
  • Simone Sanna
  • Andy Griffiths
  • Hayley Dixon
  • Reuben Beasley-Palmer

Western Australia


  • Shirley Yeung
  • James Mason
  • Rohan Davidovic
  • Joshua Wedd
  • Emma Crisp


  • Claudia Morgan
  • Brendan Bartley
  • Lachlan Robinson
  • Billy Phillips
  • James Mcmerrin
  • Isaac Lozzi
  • Mitch Gurrin

Thank you to all those who entered and dedicated time to creating and submitting an entry. We do hope to see you at your state finals.

Whether you entered or not you can still be part of the action, keep an eye on your inbox and social media for an invite to the State Finals that will take place in 2018.

During the months of February to April each state will host an epic party and we’ll invite all industry to come support our finalists and witness what talent your respective state has to offer.

Visit their website and sign up for The Blend here.

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