‘It’s basically just a grown up cola – with more flavour!’ Meet Maybe Frank’s Eros Pedone

Jägermeister recruited six of Sydney’s finest to create a drink that best compliments this German favourite. Here are the results.

Tell us a bit about yourself, bartending background, etc.
It all started when I moved to London at 24. I had worked in hospitality before – back home in Italy – but it’s way more restaurant focused, you know, so it really started when I was a bar-back in Camden. I worked in this huge venue, hard work, there was a lot of glasses to be polished! After Camden I headed to Shoreditch, and went to work with the Hawksmoor group in Spitalfields. It was an awesome group to work for. I was lucky enough to work with some great bartenders in that time; in-particular brothers Ali and Josh Reynolds. Josh was Chivas Masters Global winner Champion in 2015 and was actually my first teacher: a great teacher! I learnt everything at that bar and from those guys. Then came Australia. I only moved to Australia in April this year, and within a few weeks I got a job offer in Surry Hills with these guys (Maybe Frank), you know, Italian mafia!

They’re great guys to work for, it’s an awesome project they have going on, and they believed in me from the beginning. I have been lucky to work in both London and Sydney – both really good places, but very different. In London they know how to drink cocktails and know their history – you could maybe say pretentious – whereas in Australia it is newer, so [they] are more curious and have more fun with it. You can learn a lot from this type of person. Also, I love the sea, so Australia takes it!

What do you most love about the industry?
I love to work with customers, and be around people. When I was super young I was a waiter, and I understood from the first day serving pizza and pasta to the people that this was my kind of job. This industry also allows you to be creative. I have always made music – and I think this is similar; you do your prep and research at home, but being able to show your creations directly to people, and get their feedback, is what it’s all about. For me it’s amazing.


One piece of advice to new bartenders?
Be creative!

What was your first experience of Jägermeister?
Jäger is well known in Italy, but it wasn’t until I got to London that I really got introduced to it!

Why did you choose this style of drink to match with Jägermeister?
I wanted to make something that I’d like to drink in the Australian summer. Something refreshing, but still dark and mysterious that relates to Jäger. It might sound complicated and fancy, but it’s basically just a grown up cola – with more flavour. Something to drink in the sun down [at] the beach.

Any mad stories involving Jägermeister?
Just heaps and heaps and shots, especially in London! It’s often the first thing you go to, normally with a big group of people, so it’s a fun drink and all about being with your friends. It’s known worldwide, but often just as a ‘bomb’, so it was fun to do this project and work with it in a different way. It was a good challenge. It was cool.

The Dark Fizzy

  • 35ml Jägermeister
  • 30ml Homemade Ginger Syrup
  • 25ml Orange Juice
  • 1 dash Bitters
  • Whites
  • Grapefruit Soda

Shake all the ingredients (excluding the soda). Strain over ice into Highball. Top with Grapefruit Soda. Garnish with Dried Orange.

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