Here’s a killer DIY macadamia orgeat recipe to use

Story by Sam Bygrave
Photograph by Christopher Pearce

We love a good DIY recipe here at Australian Bartender. When you hack classic ingredients like orgeat — used in many a tiki recipe and in classic drinks like the Army & Navy and more — and add your own elements, you end up with something that is wholly your own and a taste that people can only get from your bar.

That is, of course, until we get the recipe, and put it out there for everyone to use.

Like we’ve done with this one from Jonathan Carr, who scored second place at last year’s Bartender of the Year and who you’ll find behind the stick at new(wish) Sydney bar, Door Knock.

The macadamia orgeat recipe he has shared with us here is used on the Door Knock menu for the drink, Hey Macadamia. He uses a classic orgeat syrup to bolster his DIY recipe, but the big whack of flavour comes from the macadamias he incorporates in the mix.


And the leftover nuts? He pops them into a dehydrator and uses them for a textural garnish in the finished drink.

Take a look at his macadamia orgeat recipe below.

Macadamia Orgeat recipe and crumble

  • 1L almond milk
  • 250gr Macadamia
  • 15ml orange blossom water
  • 15ml rose water
  • 200ml orgeat
  • 2 pinches of salt

Place nuts and milk on heat, simmer. Add other ingredients. Blend until smooth. Strain liquid, leave to cool and bottle for use. Place left over nuts in dehydrator. Remove next day and place in container, and crumble them to serve.

Recipe by Jonothan Carr, Door Knock, Sydney.

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