How to beat the staff shortage: Speakeasy Group unveils new mentorship program

Greg Sanderson, Speakeasy Group.

The boom of great quality bars in Australia has been undoubtedly a good thing; never before has the breadth off quality drinking establishments been quite so broad.

This has, however, meant that there’s been an increased demand for quality, professional staff in an industry which is still to completely throw off the image of bartending and bar management as a transient job, something to do to pay the bills and score some drinking money whilst you prepare to get that ‘real job’.

Now, multiple award-winning hospitality group, Speakeasy Group, are looking to counter that shortage with an in-house, rolling mentorship program to take passionate hospitality people yet to make a big name for themselves and to provide them with on the job mentoring to develop them into Speakeasy management material.

To begin with, they’re looking at recruiting one passionate professional with around two years of hospitality experience in Melbourne, to work for a year and a half in their Melbourne venues: Eau de Vie Melbourne, Boilermaker House, and the forthcoming Mjølner Melbourne.

“The journey will begin with the first six months at Boilermaker House learning about whisky, craft beer, food (particularly charcuterie and cheese) and floor and bar service,” they write. “This will be followed by six months at Eau-de-Vie Melbourne where you will be shaking, stirring, throwing and blazing cocktails in one of Australia’s busiest cocktail bars. Here you will learn the craft of the cocktail bartender, continue your whisky journey, build upon your food knowledge by incorporating food and cocktail matching and learning to host our 5-course, cocktail degustations. Hone your public speaking and hosting skills by learning how to host whisky and cocktail masterclasses with our guests. The mentorship will conclude with six months at Mjølner Melbourne, where you will learn the fine art of restaurant service and wine training from our experienced team, all whilst finessing your education in cocktails, whisky and guest service.”


It’s a paid gig at award wages, and upon completion the mentee will get to pick the Speakeasy venue they want to become a manager at.

They’re opening the application process up now — if you’re interested, get in touch on to find out more.