“I’ve had a wealth of knowledge to draw upon, and I’m just abusing all of it!” Meet Burrow Bar’s Jet Hauge

Jet Hauge, bartender at Sydney’s Burrow Bar.

Jägermeister recruited six of Sydney’s finest to create a drink that best compliments this German favourite. Here are the results.

Tell us a bit about yourself, bartending background.
Well, I’m pretty young, so I’ve only been in the industry for two years. Before that I was studying applied math at UC Berkley but it was all getting a bit stressful, so I was like: ‘I’m gonna take a break’, and got a job in a pub (the New Brighton Hotel).

During my time there I entered the Disaronno Mixing Star comp, and got scouted by Tom Egerton for Eau De Vie, it was an awesome opportunity, but I wanted full time hours, so they sent me over to The Roosevelt instead. I did three or four months there – working with Tim MCcarthy – which was sick, learnt a lot, had heaps of fun, and then eventually got transfered over to Eau De Vie.

I was there for around eight months; then moved over to Burrow Bar, mainly ‘cos I just fucking love the place! I used to drink there a lot, so working there seemed the natural conclusion. I’ve been there ever since. It’s sick there – real creative freedom and I get to push classics, which I love.


I have a full library on classics at home, and love getting my geek on – I studied math, you know – and Burrow Bar is awesome for that. The place is great: cool drinkers, fun vibe; just a really good local. I’d say I’ve been lucky in my short time in the industry. I’ve been super fortunate to be surrounded by quality bartenders: Jonothan Carr, Dr Phil, Jay Cozma, Tom Egerton. I’ve had a wealth of knowledge to draw upon, and I’m just abusing all of it!

What do you most love about the industry?
I just love how much there is to know. I’m always looking into things; today for example, I was looking into the history behind Jäger’, and it’s awesome! That’s often the case with a lot of products on the back bar. I also love the fact that you you can change someone’s night – you can pick an obscure classic, and be like: ‘I’m pretty sure no-one’s had this drink in the last 20 years, as I highly doubt anyone’s read this obscure book where I found the recipe’. It’s great, being able to do something I love, bringing someone else into it, and having them love it as-well. It’s awesome.

What advice do you have for bartenders?
Read and research. Know things. Don’t say something without being able to back it up, and also don’t be a dick about it. Remember that hospitality is the bottom line.

What was your first experience of Jägermeister?
So I’d had Jäger’ a couple of times before, but the ‘defining’ time for me was at a college party: I’d brought a fifth of Jack, my roommate brought a fifth of Jager, and we swapped shots all night. We went through both bottles pretty easily. The hangover the next day wasn’t so easy. Katie O’Danawich her name was. Shout out to Katie.

Why did you choose this style of drink to match with Jägermeister?
I was reading the Savoy, and got into the Cups section – a reasonably small section of the book – and it got me thinking how nobody’s really doing Cups that well – well, obviously the Pimm’s cup is massive, but them aside – and looking at Cups overall as a style of drink. Everyone does Fizzes, Flips, Sours, but I think Cups overlooked, so I’m trying to bring it back and show it’s a legitimate form of drink.

Any mad stories involving Jägermeister?
I do, but definitely not for here! I can imagine that’s a common theme.

Hunters Cup

  • 40ml Jägermeister
  • 15ml Woodford Reserve Rye
  • 10ml Lime and mint Oleo Saccharum
  • 15ml Lemon Juice
  • 2 Dashes of black walnut bitters
  • 1 dash Woodford Reserve bitters.
  • Build all ingredients in a Julep tin. Swizzle. Top with crushed ice. Garnish with half walnut and fresh mint sprig.

    Recipe by Jet Hauge, Burrow Bar.