A ‘fluffy cup of happiness.’ Here’s Lost Luau’s Piña Colada recipe

We love a great Piña Colada recipe here at Australian Bartender. We’ve written before about the simple pleasures of this simple drink, we’ve looked at a Gin Colada recipe, and we’ve looked at what happens when you combine a Piña Colada recipe with a Sidecar (spoiler alert: deliciousness awaits).

But the most recent Piña Colada recipe we tasted was the one at Sydney tiki popup, Lost Luau. Below, we’ve got their recipe, and some advice from tiki man Tom Bulmer on how to make a great one.

[ultimate-recipe id=”43073″ template=”default”] Bulmer says: For us, making the best Piña Colada possible was really important. So many regular guests and bartenders just haven’t tried this drink at its simple best. Whether you want it in a pineapple (or with a sparkler) it’s important that the balance between fresh pineapple, Coco Lopez (not cream), and light style rums is balanced to deliver a well balanced, fluffy cup of happiness!

Also: Take a look at a younger Tom Bulmer making the Pina Colada back in 2013.