Smoke at Barangaroo House is Sydney’s newest rooftop cocktail bar

The Smoky Martini at Smoke, Barangaroo.

35 Barangaroo Avenue, Sydney

Smoke is the rooftop cocktail bar atop Barangaroo House in Sydney, the latest venue to come from the Solotel group.

Barangaroo House is quite the achievement; the three levelled venue is also home to the ground floor House Bar, and the second level Bea Restaurant (which has an emphasis, they say, on fun dining rather than fine dining).

But it’s the rooftop Smoke that we’re interested in here, and that’s thanks to the inventive cocktails they’re serving up: there’s a number of Spritz and aperitif-style drinks on the list (like the Negroni Fragola — house strawberry gin, Aperol, house sweet vermouth, and rosemary) and a raft of stronger libations like the Smokey Martini (Chase Smoke vodka, smoky whisky rinse, cordon cut, and burnt thyme).

The Negroni Fragola at Smoke, Barangaroo.

With chef Matt Moran involved you can expect quality food options as well, with Moreton Bay bugs and sea urchin making an appearance, and you should you wish you can indulge in some caviar, too, which has the price tag to match Smoke’s stunning view.


Get a look at the bar and what you can expect below.

Smoke, Barangaroo House.
Smoke, Barangaroo House.
Smoke, Barangaroo House.
The Japanese Highball at Smoke, Barangaroo.