‘I actually named my dog Jäger’, that’s how much I like it!’ Meet Thalita Alves, Brown-Forman Brand Ambassador

Thalita Alves, Brown-Forman Brand Ambassador.

For the last of the six creations, Jägermiester asked their very own B.A for her take on this German favourite. Here are the results.

Tell us a bit about yourself, bartending background, etc.
I have been in the industry for almost eight years now, but not always in cocktails bars. I actually started my ‘hospo’ career in the Gold Coast, waitressing. I was actually fired twice from that bloody place, “just” because I couldn’t speak English. I can only imagine how great it would have been being served by me back then! From there, I worked in the lot really: pubs, nightclubs, fine diners until I finally got a job in a cocktail bar, and realised just how much I love it. It was never meant to be a ‘career’ move; before all of this I was a PE teacher back in Brazil, and I was trying to save up some cash to jump back into that. It might seem strange — and bartending and teaching seem like completely different words — but, to me, they are actually quite similar. As a PE teacher I was always moving around: working in schools, hotels, holiday clubs, gyms, dancing studios, talking and interacting with people all the time. High energy creative environments, where you get to be loud and swear heaps — just like a cocktail bar. So when I got that job, making drinks and having fun, I felt back in my element.

Then whisky happened! I had no idea what is was. But the more I learned, the more I loved it. It made me spend money I didn’t have, move cities, states, give up teaching and turn bartending into my new career, which then led to the job I have now. I have no regrets.

What do you most love about the industry? 
It isn’t boring. I could never do a job that doesn’t change, isn’t challenging and doesn’t require any creativity. Our industry is constantly presenting new things, and evolving. It’s almost hard to keep up with everything that is happening across bars, brands, trends, events, new publications. And of course: the people. The hospitality industry tends to attract some exceptional people. You meet some quite interesting cats out there.

Thalita Alves, Brown-Forman Brand Ambassador.

What advice do you have for bartenders?
My answer is always the same on this one. Don’t be a dick. Not now, not in five years. It doesn’t matter how cool you think you are or your mum says you are. If you don’t stay humble you stop learning, stop growing. And of course, you will have no friends and die alone. (*Jeez. Harrowing)


Your first experience of Jägermeister?
It was around was in my first year in Australia. My drinks of choice were cheap shots and jugs of beer. A cold shot of Jägermeister tastes way better than a $3 tequila. Jack’ on the rocks and shots of Jäger’ became my thing.

Why did you choose this style of drink to match with Jägermeister?
It’s summer. I love coffee, vanilla ice cream and desserts. They all work well with Jägermeister; all 56 of the botanicals! Also, blenders should be a thing again because they’re sick. Simple and easy. That is why.

Any mad stories involving Jägermeister?
I love Jäger’! Me and Jäger go way back. Before cocktails, before whisky, there was Jäger’. It’s easy to drink, tastes good, contains alcohol; there is absolutely no reason not to like it. I actually named my dog Jäger’  — a black staffie cross labrador — that’s how much I like it! He is still in the Gold Coast looking handsome as hell.

I do have a few stories but I’ll skip the weird details, one thing I can say is I wouldn’t advise anyone to skull a whole bottle of Jäger. The results aren’t that great.

I have a dog called Jäger’

  • 30 ml Jägermeister
  • 30 ml Slane Irish Whiskey
  • 5 ml honey
  • 10 ml coffee
  • 1 scoop vanilla ice cream
  1. Chuck it all in a blender.

Recipe by Thalita Alves, Brown-Forman Brand Ambassador.