Two ways with the El Presidente recipe

The Presidente recipe has many formulations — here’s a couple of ace ones.
The El Presidente is one of the great Cuban classic cocktails, but the trick is to get the mix right.

There’s any number of recipes floating around out there, and the original printed recipe — as far as David Wondrich can tell — dates to the 1924 Manuel del Cantinero by León Pujol and Oscar Muñiz.

That recipe calls for equal parts Bacardi and Chambery vermouth, which Wondrich says is a white vermouth from the French region of Chambery (home to Dolin vermouths) that sits between the dry and sweet varieties. Throw in a a little grenadine or curaçao and garnish with an orange peel and a cherry, and you’re done.

That’s a recipe which works for Wondrich, but we’ve also had two top recipes which we think deliver the goods: one, from Monin ambassador Karel ‘Papi’ Reyes, and another from Vasco Bar’s Max Greco.

Take a look at the El Presidente recipe from each of them below.

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