Month: March 2018

Get the spec for PS40’s Nougot Game

We’ve been taking a look at pandan recently, and this drink from the creative minds at Sydney bar PS40 works the ingredient into a barley soda to top things off.

Get a look inside new venue Walter’s Bar & Steakhouse

A few weeks back we brought you a look at what new Brisbane bar, Walter’s Bar & Steakhouse, will be offering from the drinks side of things. Well, this week they’ve opened, and true to what they promised, they’ve got a gorgeous, old school take on the golden age, classic steakhouse.

These are the 10 best Australian spirits from last night’s ADSA awards

Last night saw the fourth annual Australian Distilled Spirits Awards held in Melbourne, the result of two days of judging of Australian made spirits organised by the Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria. The ADSA awarded 10 champion trophies last night, for best whisky, gin, rum and more.